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Welcome to Barber Training & Consultation Services

Education is the key to everything and the key to good, solid education is Quality Assurance.

With lots of academies and course providers popping up throughout the country, it is becoming increasingly more important to ensure that the integrity of the assessment process is upheld throughout the student’s progression in their learning paths.

Having your own academy, or school of excellence is one thing, doing it right is yet another.  That is why it is extremely important to have a fool proof, solid integrity based Quality Assurance team in place within your organisation.

The assessment process is primarily the most important part of the learning process for a student.  Awarding bodies insist that in order to offer courses or qualifications within their framework, you must have a secure team in place to uphold the integrity of the qualification, it’s assessment processes and of course, of the awarding bodies themselves.

We can provide your academy that very integral part of the process.

Our business is to help you secure your business.  We can offer your academy the complete services of experienced Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers, formerly known or referred to as Internal Verifiers.  We will work with you both on site and remotely to secure and establish a firm and concrete Quality Assurance team to enable your academy to offer quality, internationally recognised qualifications within the Barbering and Technical industries.

Headed by our founder and Business Development Director, Charles Clarke SRSB, we will focus our efforts on all aspects of assessment, both formative and summative, using all methods of assessment approved by your awarding body, and fulfilling a cohesive regimen of standardisation throughout the assessment process and either in place of or by intuitively working alongside your existing team.

Charles has travelled the world bringing his unique approach to education to academies and professionals within the industry for almost 20 years now.  Actively involved within the barbering and hairdressing industry for over 30 years, Charles also directs his own salon and academy and heads his team of assessors and tutors making him and his team the ultimate choice for you and your academy.

Being a good tutor, assessor or IQA is of course admirable and encouraged, however, being relevant within the industry that you are assessing is yet another.  Why not schedule a FREE Discovery Call with Charles, to discuss how we can assist you, your academy and in turn, your students with the day to day monitoring and provision of your Quality assurance processes.

*Fees and quotes will be discussed via the call directly, and valid for a period of 14 days of provision.

**Contracts will only be served to academies when fees and terms have been agreed by all parties involved.

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