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Have you ever contemplated running your own academy? Or maybe even you have began that process but are finding things a little too much to handle on your own? Not to worry, that is exactly where we come in.

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We can afford you the ability to establish your own academy or training centre by securing your Internal Quality Assurance process with our team of highly qualified and competent assessors and IQA’s.

We will guide you along the way to becoming a fully recognised and accredited training centre or academy. We work mostly with awarding bodies VTCT & iTEC, allowing you to deliver internationally recognised qualifications within the hair and barbering sector.

In order to establish your centre you must have in place the following positions, filled by fully qualified and competent persons;

As well as these roles, which we shall help you fill and understand fully the roles and responsibilities of, you will be required to have in place a fully qualified Assessor, who must be relevant to the field, as well as holding the qualifications for which they shall be providing assessment. You must also have in place a fully qualified Internal Quality Assurer, IQA (formerly known as IV) who will be responsible for the quality assurance of the centre’s assessment process and practices.

You can establish your own centre or operate as a satellite centre of another operation, both of which we can fully assist you with. As we progress together, we shall help you to successfully establish your centre folder, maintain a competent standardisation system and process between all of your assessment and quality assurance team.

To make enquiries in relation to our consultancy services and quality assurance maintenance, please feel free to schedule a free call with us or alternatively you can email us directly on enquiries@barberiqaservices.org.uk to arrange a consultation and quote.